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Stolen from place in Juniper Acres

Any one please help to identify someone who stole my solar equipment included is 4 Rolls Serrette batteries charge controller and Tripp-Lite inverter Please call 702-526-0353 to report anyone who might have any information on the whereabouts of this equipment... thanks

Samuel alarcon 10/15/14  ip=
Parcel 166 10 acres. For sale.6267561802

Chris Carpenter 10/4/14  ip=

Chris Carpenter 10/4/14  ip=

Tee Peer 6/4/14  ip=

hector guevara 5/25/14  ip=

Doug Walton 8/20/13  ip=

hutch hill 6/10/13  ip=
my brindle and white bully dig has gone missing wed like him home 541-905-5766 my names hut please help me find my boy....

Rob Smith 5/10/13  ip=

Mel Wilson 4/23/13  ip=
15 yr. old Golden Lab / Golden Retriever Mix, short hair, lots of grey and white on muzzle (old age!) seems to have wandered off. I live just off Cascade on Beech, to the West. Please call if you’ve seen her. Mel Wilson & Katherine Banks. 541-815-2917 OR 541-977-5830. Thank you!

William Avery 1/23/13  ip=
I would like to find a lot fairly close to resevior rd. with trees and hills. does anyone have one or know of one for sale without a realtor.

Cindy Banta 12/10/12  ip=
You should try the Facebook page. No one really uses this anymore.

brenda Hagins 12/9/12  ip=
Hello again, Third time is a charm ! I’m looking forward to havesome contact with someone that lives at JA, as I’m hoping to move there and have "?" regarding the area, etc. Brenda

Brenda Hagins 11/21/12  ip=
Hi all, Hoping to get a friendly chat going. It would be nice to meet my prospective neighbors. I’m looking forward to living off grid as I hate towns/city life and would like to spend the rest of my days enjoying the quiet natural landscape and any folks that like to explore the desert on mule or donkey. Brenda

brenda Hagins 11/17/12  ip=
I’m hoping to find and buy a patch of J.A. to live life directly and explore the BlM on my mule. I’m open to advise, and hopefully encouragement.


chris kelly 9/4/12  ip=
does anyone have a realtor they could recommend. I want to sell my 10 acres on Walnut Ln. with CUP and septic approval in place
424 644 0123 Chris kelly

david alexander 8/8/12  ip=

harold delaino 6/30/12  ip=
call me on my cell 503-267-2169 if you or anyone is interested in buying my 5 acres on walnut st, off cascade way

Just A. Citizen 6/15/12  ip=
John Smith, hardly anyone is using this list anymore. If you come over to the Facebook site, you will find that everyone is sharing photos, helping each other out, having a great time. There are 44 members and I haven’t come across any unpleasantness. Much more personable.

John Smith 6/14/12  ip=
I am scared to use my real name. I am an idiot.

John Smith 6/14/12  ip=
I have been looking at purchasing one of the 10 acre lots available out there. Can someone tell me roughly where Gary Strong and Chris Worsley live in the community without infrindging on their privacy. Maybe just give the street they live on? I would hate to live next to one of them. Thanks.

"Live and let live, as long as it’s how I see fit" - Gary Strong. ;)

Cindy Banta 3/21/12  ip=
Thanks Gary! you are ruining this site. I’ll say what I said earlier, unless you are going to be helping someone or informing others about something pertaining to JA (that is NOT insulting) it would be nice if you kept your comments to yourself. Do not quote me again and follow it up with horrific rudness.

The wanna be \"Gary\" 3/20/12  ip=
Yes please stay off the website!

Dumbass Typo? 3/20/12  ip=
Hi Cindy,
I hope this is the last time I have to post on this venerable site.

I prefer the openness, security, and personal control of the Juniper Acres facebook pages.

“Qulady” is the combined result of trying to post a message while cutting and pasting, scrambling the words ”quote” and “lady” resulting in an unrecognized typo, and then not being able to edit my own comments later. I have been named a "dumbass" on these pages; maybe it is for good reason.

Please write me in private on facebook for answers to your other question. Thank you.

Cindy Banta 3/19/12  ip=
Wow, that person was rude.
Gary, why assume J.R. created that post? I cringed when I read your assumption that it was J.R.
Also, what is a qulady? I googeled it but no results, hope I wasn’t being insulted :)

The Real Gary Strong 3/17/12  ip=
Who wrote me a hate letter and used my name to post it?

Dave, please remove the imposter’s post. I did not write it. Thank you.

And J.R., I know I’m worthless. Are not we all? Funny agreed with a qulady and quoted her only to refute her well spoken thoughts.

I can tell you are in turmoil over some recent event. I am hoping things go well for you and that your dreams become true. Live Free! Live Wild!

Gary Strong 3/16/12  ip=
Wow! I was hoping to get to know a few of my fellow neighbors.... But after reading many of the rude and uncalled for posts I think I will just keep to myself. I couldnt agree more with Cindy Banta, "It would be nice if those that didn’t want to help simply said nothing rather than being rude?
Gary Strong... Your a dumbass. Shut the F*** up! You are worthless. Ive read numerous posts about people having simple questions and your big mouth always has something to do with being lazy...? Whats the point of having this blog/Website if you can’t bounce ideas off your fellow neighbors. I am far from a lazy person, but if their is a way to short cut to the best sotution.. By all means why not go that route? More and more poeple need to learn from their own and others mistakes... why repeat history and make the same mistake twice?? Too bad JA isn’t like Survivor.....

Carolyn Strong 2/26/12  ip=
The Juniper Acres Facebook group has a whoppin’ 33 members! 4 new people this week... Check it out and meet your neighbors:

carl davis 1/28/12  ip=
Thinking about purchasing in JA. Before I do, what should I be aware of regarding water, building, living on the property, etc. I intend to be self sufficient on this land, even if I need to bring in top soil to grow food. From what I read, It looks like water is almost impossible to get thru a well without digging 1000’ or more, true?? Do they allow year round living there? What do the residents feel about life there?

Kristina Carpenter 1/13/12  ip=
Hello neighbors this site sure does get more and more interesting these past few years. I hardly know any of the names posting. I just wanted to give a heads up that we had a few swat trucks and police cars this afternoon around 2:30pm I asked around from some friends at the sheriffs office and they were executing a theft warrant with serious caution levels. I don’t know all of what this means there will be more on the news but I though some of you folks maybe interested as I was. Have a good evening.

Kobi Rogers 1/13/12  ip=

Hailee Nueva 12/5/11  ip=
Howdy neighbors. My partner and I recently moved into a schoolbus at Omfield (near JA). I work in Bend Monday thru Thursday (I leave around 6 am and work in Bend until 5). I realize that there are some other 9-to-5’ers in the area and I would love to setup a carpool. You can contact me by phone (541) 619-9388 or by email Thanks!

Zack Fall 11/28/11  ip=
Hello there, My family and I have just done a rent to own on a house in Juniper Acres really looking forward to becoming a part of this little community. And really looking forward to living off grid.

Our family consists of me, my wife Talia, and our 5 kids # that live with us full time, the other 2 off and on.

again looking forward to meeting everyone and feel free to email us

Natalie Wright 11/22/11  ip=
200 sq. ft. Utility Shed only is allowed without permit in Crook County.

Candice Page 11/7/11  ip=
Sorry. I just realized I gave the wrong email address. Its

Candice Page 11/7/11  ip=
Hi everyone! Let me introduce myself. My family and I are looking at a home to rent in J.A. We are a family of me, my boyfriend, and our 9 year old son (soon to be 10) and we have loved the idea of living off the grid for quite some time and have found our opportunity to come make it happen. We’re down to earth people that love living life. I was wondering if someone could email me on how to get some information on this awesome area. Ive heard there is a neighbor hood carpool that runs the kids to the bus stop? How do I get on board? (I will be a stay at home mom, so any opportunity to help Im game) I think my family could offer some great services (road repair, gardening experience, animal care etc.) Upon my research online (building codes, school district, bus stops etc.) I ran across your stream, so I hope you dont mind that I posted this.

*we hope to be your neighbors soon

my email is

Thank you :)

Carolyn Strong 11/7/11  ip=
Hi folks, the Facebook group is growing everyday in members. I hope you will consider joining if you use Facebook. Sort of fun to see photos and who your neighbors are. Join by going to

Candice Page 11/6/11  ip=

Cindy Banta 11/4/11  ip=
Hey all, my dog Thor wants to live at Juniper Acres full time. Our frequent visits are not often enough for him. Thor is a 91 pound black lab german shepard mix. Excellent property protector becasue he is afraid of people he does not know and will bark at them. If interested e-mail me Thanks!

Barbara Mary 11/2/11  ip=
More versatile and private would be creating our own forum using phpbb (open source) or similar. I could set it up but not right away since I may not have internet access and/or power for a while.

Carolyn Strong 11/1/11  ip=
There is a Facebook Juniper Acres group located at

As a closed group: everyone on Facebook can see the name and members of the group, but only group members can view content in the group.

No Juniper Acres person requesting to join will be refused membership and no posts will be moderated except that normal Facebook rules of profanity, threats, etc. will apply.

Cindy Banta 10/31/11  ip=
My husband and I would love to be involved in community projects and would really like to hear about upcoming community events. Especially anything that involves road maintenance. I’ve noticed Cascade looks like some sections get cleaned/leveled out occasionally but I don’t know who does that. Would like to help!!
I started to create a Facebook page for Juniper acres but I’m not real technical and never finished it. If people are interested I’ll attempt to finish it.

Barbara Mary 10/28/11  ip=
My neighbor use to plow or disk my land when needed and I’d fix his computer, do his website and chores when he was away. We burned our land together as it was adjacent. Prairie. He’d smoke a cigar and drop it and we’d both smile as the flames erupted. Wasn’t high desert! I promise to be more careful here. With the fiat $ collapsing it would be wise to create a barter or community money system. It’s happening and working. Stronger together than apart. I’d volunteer to help with that, the website if needed Jason (great idea) and can help with construction, gardening, office stuff, radio station, prob more. Suck at wells obviously. Luckily Jason is strong there and we’re all better off for the education. Share the love! I can’t think of a better way of living Jason. Have a great weekend JA.

Jason Rogers 10/27/11  ip=
I was asked by my wife not to post here again if I was just going to "stir the pot" but I still believe in the American way and freedom of speech is one of the rights that I served to protect.

Gary: in keeping with the J.A. way I choose to allow you the opportunity to figure out for yourself how I can own a home and live in it in Juniper Acres and you can not find me in the Crook county records (I am Jason Rogers for the record). I’m sure Donald Trump has his name on every property he owns as well, just a hint.

The rest of you, I had a feeling this was a community before I moved my family here and have many attributes to add if desired. I don’t ask of anyone but love to share what I have when I can. Knowledge and man power are all I have to offer at this time but I do have access to and am more than willing to share any resources at my disposal. I do have some light/heavy machinery that can come in handy (I’m sorry in advance Gary if "easy leads to lazy") when tackling earth that rejects displacement. Sometimes the horse and plow just don’t get it done. We have a large livestock investment that we are slowly planting in Juniper Acres as our infrastructure can support it. We also plan to establish a rather large (1 acre or so) garden just because I am told it can’t be done. We are up to the challenge and as I stated before this isn’t our first rodeo, we have done this before and we will do it again. It’s supposed to be living not surviving. Can anyone think of a better way of living? And just to put a bug in your ear...we will have a surplus of pork, goat’s milk and eggs if anyone would like to buy locally.

The well situation: water in Juniper Acres is at around 1200 feet. You can drill to it but you drill through clay to get there - the same stuff they use to line ponds to seal them. So the wells develop to around 845 feet static water level but only produce around 1-8 gallons per min. At an average cost of (I get a good deal because my family is in the business, in case you think I am making this up)$135 Per Foot cased - not a good investment. Even if you hit water and bring it to the surface it is certain the well will seal itself off with the clay in a short time and you will have the opportunity to bring out the driller again to open it back up. The best money, in my opinion, is in reservoir/cistern installation. We are planning for dual 30,000 gallon cisterns. One will be for fresh hauled water and one for reclaimed rain water and snow melt. In a time of emergency, the rain/snow water can be filtered into the fresh water tank for consumption and also used for livestock and irrigation. We are installing a stupid amount of collection leech lines and some collection ponds to evaluate the amount of water we can collect over the winter and I would love to be able to share the data with anyone who wants it. We also have our own web server and are toying with the idea of starting a Juniper Acres owners website for collaboration on projects and mediated troll midigation. I feel the web is a great way to collaborate but can often be tarnished by the few.

Random thoughts of kindness, please disregard if they don’t suit you.


Carolyn Strong 10/27/11  ip=
Well said, Chris, on your last post. I don’t think it is a matter of rudeness. I just question someone who would base a decision on questionable heresay and second-hand information. Foggy posts about "wells in the area" and imagined research would not be the way I would go. Doing my own research and contacting the proper people for documents, data would be my choice. Clark, good luck to you.

Chris Worsley 10/26/11  ip=
Most of our assumptions have outlived their uselessness.

Barbara Mary 10/26/11  ip=
Well said Jason and also Xander, Cindy, this website, etc... for service to others. I had a volunteer job starting and running a community radio station and worked with people who were strong where I was weak, and I was strong where they were weak. We had no money and it had nothing to do with money. Turned out better that way. The station is operating on mostly solar and open source.

I’m looking for a temporary rental in JA (primitive is great). Email is pobox11 (at) Am also searching for a couple lots, up to 4, in case there’s a private seller out there wanting to sell. I’m aware of the listed lots and maybe pieces of a puzzle will fit together. Would just put 1 tiny primitive home (160 sq.ft.) on wheels, a Finnish Sauna, and a small greenhouse there. Chop wood, haul water.

Clark, I’m pretty sure I read in the archives here that Ochoco Way has successful wells but that’s just from memory. I know that where there is more robust tree growth they must be getting water. I imagine that the idea of a community well has been explored in the past. Well water would certainly be preferable to city adulterated chlorine/fluoride water. Good luck!

Anyone should feel free to email me.

Cindy Banta 10/25/11  ip=
Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and has the right to express them. As for me, I like helping people, so neighbors and prospective neighbors ask away! You will find some residents willing to help and others that don’t. It would be nice if those that didn’t want to help simply said nothing rather than being rude but again they are entitled to sharing their opinion. This is America after all.

Xander Reeder 10/23/11  ip=
Oh, and feel free to contact me,
as well Jason?
You and your family are good neighbors to know!

X. Reeder 10/23/11  ip=
Hey yall, been a while since i been on here, I saw the stuff on the wind farm etc, thank you.

Its a good Fall, I hope yrall enjoyin it. In response to the post I offer you to email me, Mr. Goetz (is that really pronounced goats?) you can find it on my original post down below.

Gary Strong 10/20/11  ip=
Jason, where did you get the idea this is a Dump Site for the juniper acres hate club? It is to respectfully write as we see things. Dave, the webmaster, has chosen to put the Neighborhood Watch logo on HIS site. My wife says "Jason, your idea that the Neighborhood Watch sign is a signal this is some sort of socialistic society at Juniper Acres is all wrong."
What people have been writing is: please don’t ruin paradise for all in the search for personal gain. Do not be LAZY and share as you can.
Also Jason, you are not listed by Crook County as a land owner in Juniper Acres; are their records wrong?

Jason Rogers 10/18/11  ip=
Clark, Not everyone out here has the same opinion on community. I have yet to post on this board because it seems to be a bashing board rather than a resource to build community. This is not the first small off grid community I have lived in and there is typically a sense of helping one another to better the needs and desires of the entire community. Do not judge the entire community based on the one or few that fail to realize that "living off-grid" doesn’t have to mean losing your humanity. There may be some that believe you need to hunt or grow your food and capture dew off the morning leaves for water. There are also many that believe that hauling water from the closest "community" water source and adapting to life utilizing solar and wind power is an acceptable compromise to society’s norm. My family and I have chosen to move off-grid again for the challenge of raising our children, food and animals in an environment that we have more control over, or less if the big man upstairs sees it that way. The same people that are bashing others about learning to live off grid and posting on this site also, obviously, have internet access and power which leads me to believe they are not that much more advanced from the rest of us. I may be wrong. They may not have power, water or internet, they may walk 15+ miles into town on shoes made of juniper bark picking up cans along the way to return for deposit so they can pay for a few moments at an internet cafe to belittle those of us who really want to make a difference and are making every effort to allow our children a planet to inherit. It is highly unlikely I will post on this site again but after reading the one of the last posts by Chris Worsley;
“10/14/11 ip=
I am amazed at the people who want to move off grid and have the audacity to ask our community the most ludicrous questions. Learn how to answer your own dumb questions.”
I had to say something. The trigger for my response wasn’t only the statement but the Neighborhood Watch logo directly next to Mr. Worsley’s statement. Below Neighborhood Watch it says “We look out for each other”. I always have the best intentions when joining a community and I only hope in the end we truly do look out for each other. I apologize to Chris if I have offended you in any way it was not my intention. My intention is to live in a community that shares and supports one another and works to build a better tomorrow for everyone.

Gary Strong 10/15/11  ip=
Clark, Chris was thinking you use your own resources before tasking the community. You must show some self-reliance before challenging the spirit of those who want to live wild. "Easier" has always been a requirement for the Lazy.

The water issues are that water is where you find it and that is very difficult in the local geology.

Clark Goetz 10/14/11  ip=
Wow. I had simply heard there were water issues with the local rancher next door and that a lot of folks had to truck in water. Yes I could have pulled the crook county well records but I thought asking a resident would be easier. Audacity? How about "simplicity"? I sure wouldn’t want you for a neighbor.

Chris Worsley 10/14/11  ip=
I am amazed at the people who want to move off grid and have the audacity to ask our community the most ludicrous questions. Learn how to answer your own dumb questions.

jame polk 10/14/11  ip=

Clark Goetz 10/13/11  ip=
I’m considering buying the house on 32501 Cascade. Anyone know if it has a well? Does anyone out there have a well?

Tim Jackson 9/12/11  ip=

Curtis Coley 9/4/11  ip=
Don’t you just love organizations whose members were probably not even born when these properties were bought dictating how we must use them?

Curtis Coley 9/4/11  ip=
Xander, the 1000 Freinds of Oregon are some condo dwelling city folks who feel they can dictate how ones property is used, even though my father purchased it 10 years before they were in existances. Just some tree-huggers who drive around in fossil burning vehicles, you know the kind.

harold delaino 9/1/11  ip=

Ted Morris 8/29/11  ip=
I know that the county isn’t allowing homes to be built in JA; I’m curious if someone could set up a tiny house on wheels there? Something like a tumbleweed home; has anyone heard of them?

Xander R. 8/14/11  ip=
Thanks Cindy I’ll check out more of the resources. I was mistaken that the mills will be upon the butte as well as on the mesa south of it. Not worried about it... I did get a CUP, however & I would be worried if the mill project affects that somehow. We’ll see! THANKS AGAIN

Cindy Banta 8/12/11  ip=
The wind farm will have zero benefit for Juniper Acres. We will just be able to see them on the butte. See the Prineville BLM website for details on the wind farm.
I sure hope you didn’t buy property out here without knowing that you cannot get a permit to build a house. Call Crook County for additional information or search for Juniper Acres online. Lots of information availabe about this.

Xander Reeder 8/7/11  ip=
Hey Curtis, can you fill me in a little more, what do you mean by this? What all will this entail for us?

Curtis Coley 7/28/11  ip=
Funny, I didn’t hear once squeak from the Friends of Oregon regarding that wind farm, but god help anyone who wants to build a home on property they own in Juniper Acres.

Cindy Banta 7/14/11  ip=
Decision has been posted. Wind Farm is on and ROW access road is from the south. Double bummer. Was hoping for a better road to ease the pain of viewing monster wind turbines.

Xander Reeder 7/11/11  ip=
Greetings, J to the A. My name is Xander (with a ’z’) and I will be a new neighbor, setting up place down Ochoco. I look forward to being part of this sweet community, and thanks for being obviously very cool..
.. oh and I am an alternative energy consultant, so please contact me & Farminstead, LLC for a quote on projects. We do earthen walls/firespaces, irrigation, grey water, eco-landscaping, beekeeping, gardens, art, name the craft...
It is nice to meet you beforehand, and thanks for the pitch ;0)

Gary Strong 7/2/11  ip=
Jodell: If you have to do this kind of coddling of your clients, they might be better off in a more civilized area. The folks out here discover and accept their local challenges and are proud of their self-sufficiency. The end of Paradise ...was Eve a Realtor?

Jodell Born 6/29/11  ip=
Hello! I have some clients who want to buy a house in JA that we checked out yesterday. I have questions about water- do you recommend a company I can call with questions on costs? Also I’m curious about grey water systems and the ponds, as well as snow removal on the roads. It’s an awesome area and I really want to help them any way I can.
Thank you!

Cindy Banta 6/28/11  ip=
From Steve Storo today:
Sorry for the long delay in returning your email. Presently the Record of Decision for the West Butte Wind Power Right-of-Way, Environmental Impact Statement in the Washington Office BLM being reviewed for final edits and ultimately signing. I will email you once I know more. Thank you for your patience.
I’ll post the decision when I hear it.

harold delaino 6/26/11  ip=
I have 5 acres a little way off cascade
way an have been gone long time. Whats up with wind turbines an how does that effect property value? thanks if you know.

Susan Evans 6/9/11  ip=

Cindy Banta 5/31/11  ip=
Only 1 r in Steve’s last name sorry.

Cindy Banta 5/31/11  ip=
What a fantastic Memorial Day weekend at Juniper Acres. It even snowed on Saturday! I wanted to let everyone know that BLM will be making a decision on the wind farm at the end of June. If you have any last minute comments e-mail Steve Storro at the BLM office. His e-mail is

harold delaino 5/24/11  ip=

Cindy Banta 5/18/11  ip=
I just called Crook County and the gal said it was an informational meeting from the Dept of Fish & Wildlife. Unless you are planning on building a wind farm she said it would not pertain to you. It will cover how to protect grouse and sage when building a wind farm. Don’t know how accurate this is, if anyone attends the meeting it would be nice if you could publish a summary here. Thanks!

RJ Ballard 5/17/11  ip=
Our family owns an undeveloped J A parcel, and sadly no one has kept up to speed with what’s happening out there. A letter from county just arrived referencing a meeting May 18th, 2011 discussing changes. I am trying to discern what changes they are referring to. Anyone know? Is this about the proposed wind plant> Has anyone spoken with residents who live between Baker/North Powder/Union and learned about the problems people have encountered living so near wind turbines?

Curtis Coley 5/17/11  ip=
My wife said we received a post card about a change regarding grouse. Can anyone provide further information since I am unable to check on this.


Galen Ruud 5/13/11  ip=
If anyone knows who the sorry assed f*** that is tearing up and down Oak Ln in a gold chevy PU PLease tell me so I can take his F***ing ass to school!!!! Ive had enough!! This S*** end now!!!!!

harold delaino 5/11/11  ip=

Cindy Banta 5/4/11  ip=
I sent an e-mail to Steve Storo about improvements needed on Cascade Way. However after reading portions of the Environmental Impact Statement I was at a loss. What is the wind farm for? Is it to supply power to Juniper Acres? I don’t want that. I like that we are a green off the grid population. It’s unique. If there was power to Juniper Acres it would become more populated - especially if the road was also better. Is doing this wind farm the only way to have improvements on the main road happen? Anyways, if you or anyone else knows of ways that I can help in a road improvement project give a shout out. The husband and I are all for it!

Cindy Banta 5/4/11  ip=
Hi David,
You should check or call a realtor in Bend/Prineville. Most listing are on zillow and you can do price comparisons. We just bought property and I can tell you we were only looking at property that had a CUP or a structure already. I want to say land with a CUP was going for $25k. The prop we bought had been listed for over a year. The realtor that helped us was Natalie and she was fantastic. I would highly recommend her. Her phone number is 541.508.9581.

David Henry 4/29/11  ip=
We have property on Almond Ln. with CUP, what are the 10 acres selling for at this time? And are any of them selling. We were one of the last ones to get CUP. Love the property, but is just too far to go, esp. with gas prices.

Cindy Unknown 4/4/11  ip=
Thank you Carolyn! I’m reading it now. I look forward to being a "neighbor" someday soon!

Carolyn Strong 4/2/11  ip=
That link will not take you directly to the JA zoning codes. You have to go to Title 18 ZONING on the left side, then scroll down to: 18.112 Exclusive Farm Use Zone, EFU-JA (Juniper Acres)


Carolyn Strong 4/2/11  ip=
Cindy, your best advice will come directly from the county because they are the ones who make the zoning rules. The zoning regulations for Juniper Acres can be found at: Good luck with your endeavors!

Cindy Unknown 3/28/11  ip=
Hello all. My husband and I just camped for a week at Millican Plateau and loved it!!! When I got home I immediatley searched for property on Cascade Way. Found a couple that we really liked but after talking to a realtor we discovered there are limts to using the property. Is this correct? She said something like 2 weeks in 6 months. Thought this was ridiculous. I’m a newbie to buying property. Any comments about buying prop here? Anything I should watch for?

Jeff Crapper 3/13/11  ip=
I forgot to add my e-mail to the previous post. Please e-mail me any information at

Jeff Crapper 3/13/11  ip=
I was just curious if there was any update with the CUP process at Juniper Acres? My wife and I have an off-grid cabin up in Washington, but I love the Juniper Acres area. We were outbid eight years ago when we tried to buy a lot for about $6000, and then they turned around and tried to sell it for thousands more. Does the CUP prevent all building or could we put a 100 square foot storage shed on the property? Does anyone know much about lot #251 or lot #205. In doing research, it said lot #205 had no legal road access, but I can clearly see that Almond Ave. goes by the lot. However, I am assuming that lot #205 would never be buildable, even with a CUP because it is 5 acres. Am I correct?

Barbara Lee 3/3/11  ip=

harold delaino 1/12/11  ip=

Gary Strong 1/6/11  ip=
Another bureaucratic roadblock on the West Butte Wind Farm. Seems somebody dug up an old "regulation" about protecting Golden Eagles and all the wind projects dealing with the BLM are on hold until this is worked out.

I thought Eagles had keen eyesight and were good flyers. And they can’t avoid a HUGE rotating wind turbine blade that loudly swooshes at the tip?
When the turbines are active it is windy. I notice raptors are less inclined to hunt in wind.
Supposedly one golden eagle has been killed at a wind farm in the Goodnoe Hills, WA area (near The Dalles).
Nobody really knows how this happened; a work crew just found its body. Was it pursued by another eagle?

California reports raptor wind turbine kills in the hundreds per year. Must be pretty deep in feathers down there.
Or deep in something.

This regulation is as stupid as the lead-free bullets California requires because lead might harm a Condor. (Ha!) They have to swallow it. (Oh!)
Good will has gone berserk. Science has been corrupted by Utopian fantasy.
Admit it Envirowackos, all you want is for everything human to disappear; please, do not forget yourselves!
Please, start with yourselves.

Buz Quinlan 10/28/10  ip=
As a last ditch effort. Anyone that supports the improvement of Cascade Way should get a letter off to:
Steve Storo
BLM Prineville District Office
3050 NE 3rd Street
Prineville, Oregon 97754

It is without question that Cascade Way needs some serious improvement.This will most likely be our only chance to have our major thorough fare improved. Yes it does come with some baggage but so do the car repairs. Steve Storo’s email is Please send a note simply showing your support of using Alternative 2. Thank You

Gary Strong 10/9/10  ip=
It means you have the same land rights as your father did at the time of transfer for your place.

Did your father have free-will over his land or were there laws in place concerning his rights?

Did he have to get the counties approval to "build?"

Also the Juniper Acres Citizen Commitees and the leaders of these groups mostly ignored grandfather clauses. I complained to no avail; other agendas were in play. Realtors and Friends were pushing for buildout so it was best to ignore grandfathering.

Well, these words are blowing in the wind ...this site is more secure from foreign eyes than the government’s Top Secret Crypto Nuclear documents. Ha!

Curtis Coley 10/4/10  ip=
I was reading some of the back issues of the news letters and I ran across this item. Now my father purchased the land in 1962 and I inherited it. Does any know what the next paragraph means in relation to the property?
In 1993 Oregon passed House Bill
3661. This Bill describes a “Lot of
Record” as being a lot or parcel of
land that retains key development
rights that it had when it was created.
It doesn’t have to comply with certain
more restrictive laws adopted after its
creation. Such property is said to be
“grandfathered in.”

Lonnie Howard 7/28/10  ip=
Looking to buy buildable land (CUP) in Juniper Acres with a great view of the surrounding mountains and buttes. Acreage size not that important. Hoping for a owner carry arrangement with reasonable down payment. Please call 541-480-2985

Curtis Coley 7/16/10  ip=
Out of curiousity does anyone know Lee Smock’s status? Last post I saw was Lee was experiencing some health issues. Has anyone heard since then?


Gary Strong 6/30/10  ip=
Hi Rich,
Thank you for the funny comment.
Please let me build on your Planet metaphor.

I am from the Planet LIVE AND LET LIVE.

Planet LIVE AND LET LIVE citizens love Planet JUNIPER ACRES.
Planet JUNIPER ACRES is a pioneering group seeking self-responsibility and freedom.

Planet JUNIPER AGITATOR is a restless Community Organizer with too much time and little money.
JUNIPER AGITATOR works hard Community Organizing JUNIPER ACRES to pay for share-the-wealth dreams.
JUNIPER AGITATOR works hand in hand with Planet CROOK POLITICIAN and Planet CROOK REALTOR to keep Planet JUNIPER ACRES worried.

CROOK POLITICIAN is out for power which leads to control which leads to their monetary gratification.
CROOK REALTOR is out to create a market to sell more at a higher and higher value which leads to their monetary gratification.
CROOK REALTOR and CROOK POLITICIAN are interchangeable at election time.

JUNIPER AGITATOR Community Organizers are self-serving for covert reasons and preach about the "mistreatment" of JUNIPER ACRES by CROOK POLITICIAN.
JUNIPER ACRES then feels they are not being cared for by CROOK POLITICIAN.
JUNIPER AGITATOR then appears to be deeply concerned and appears sincere helping JUNIPER ACRES.
If things go as CROOK REALTOR, JUNIPER AGITATOR, and CROOK POLITICIAN plan, they all share in the wealth taken from JUNIPER ACRES.

Me? I’m from LIVE AND LET LIVE, remember?

What does JUNIPER ACRES need from Crook County?
Want cheaper taxes? Some newer JUNIPER ACRES landowners only pay $19.82 a year!
Want building rights? Many JUNIPER ACRES people ignore the health and safety aspects and have one or more places occupied or under construction. and CROOK POLITICIAN has forgiven them.

Every blockage of building rights has been initiated by a JUNIPER AGITATOR Community Organizer Activist. Think about that.
Every tax increase is a result of higher land values encouraged by CROOK REALTORS. Doh!

If Juniper Acres wants a question answered, pick up the phone and call the county or walk-in to an office.
The feet-on-the-ground workers are very helpful!
Tel: (541) 447-6555


Keep Juniper Acres Wild!

RICH KEMPER 6/28/10  ip=
Crook County is there for you, yeah right. What planet are you living on??

Gary Strong 6/27/10  ip=
To Scott Hamilton:
You post over and over about wondering what is going on in Juniper Acres.

Here is your answer ...we are all enjoying a quiet period without Realtors and Roustabouts making trouble.

For your needs and answers about building and other turbulent topics, why not look up "Crook County." Use the phone or try emailing them. They are there for you.

The flowers out here are incredible this year.

Scott Hamilton 6/14/10  ip=
My wife and I own a 10 acre parcle off Acacia. We are wondering who is the best contact related to JA issues? I am assuming that Mr. Smock is taking a well deserved break from dealing with Crook County. What is the status with the road and fire district improvements that were intended to relieve the building lottery process? I have read portions of the draft wind farm EIS. Is there any possibility of permanent power or road improvements as a result of option #2? Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Gary Strong 4/15/10  ip=
In regards to the Alternative 2 for wind turbine access and power line construction, I am for the least disturbance and effect on Juniper Acres. Do the access and powerline building on the south side of West Butte please. Keep Juniper Acres Wild.

chris kelly 4/5/10  ip=
FOR SALE 10 acres with septic approval and CUP (conditional use permit) off Cascade on Walnut. $35,000 Chris 805 452 9501 or email me @

jim jackson 4/2/10  ip=
The West Butte Wind Project environmental statement from BLM is available for comments. Alternative 2 has the access to the Wind Project and power lines using Cascade Way. Opinions?

Juniper Acres News 1/3/10  ip=
Lyle .. It was approved at the Feb 20, 2008 meeting, you have to look for it as there was no discussion about it. You might say it was just rubber stamped!!

Lyle Curtis 1/3/10  ip=
Does anyone know if Order #2008-10 was actualy approved?

I searched the records and found that the order was supposed to be finalized and presented to the court in the 2/20/08 meeting. A search of court records through early 2009 doesn’t ever have it come up on the consent agenda. It seems to have dissappeared......unless I missed it.

You can still access the old Bulletin Board information by going to the Archive Section and clicking on "Bulletin_Board_XXXX.html"